From premium V-bottom, mod-V, and jon boats to family and pro angler pontoons and luxury cruising pontoons Apex is a leader in manufacturing quality watercraft for life on the water.

Qwest Pontoons

High-end, uncompromisable design and construction, Qwest pontoons offer unrivaled luxury with unique designs that are spacious and stable while being easier for towing and storage. 

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Angler Qwest Pontoons

Angler Qwest offers species specific pontoons with attention to every fishing detail while still providing family-friendly conveniences for everyone to enjoy.

Polar Kraft Boats

For more than 50 years Polar Kraft has manufactured leading V Hull, Mod-V, Dakota and Jon boats in riveted and welded versions for nearly any fishing or hunting situation.


In 1982 Apex Marine had their first Gillgetter pontoon leave their humble shop but that was then, and this is now. 


After three expansions, Apex now has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that covers over 107,000 square feet with three brands under their belt: Qwest, Angler Qwest, and Polar Kraft. 

Despite having capabilities to handle the growing demand for their brands, the company remains as rooted as they were when it all started, with priorities being admirable construction, superior customer service, and in-house manufacturing to ensure quality control.

All Apex Marine brands can be powered by an outboard motor of the customer’s choice.


As an independently owned company with a reputation for top-notch quality and design in the marine industry, there is no better place to build your career than Apex Marine. At Apex Marine, we know that it’s our people who make the difference. We are dedicated to employing local people. In addition, we’re proud to offer our employees comprehensive benefits packages. We provide career opportunities that reward results-oriented people like you who seek a career driving value and innovation. 

Take Charge of Your Career!

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