Paddle Qwest


Paddle Qwest


Paddle Qwest

Nothing But Time: Paddle Qwest

Fun and easy to use, a Paddle Qwest can be enjoyed by anyone. Propelled by a rear mounted paddle wheel, they can be powered with electric/manual or strictly manual for those interested in getting a bit of exercise during their journey.


  • Unique All Aluminum Riverboat Paddle Wheel with Strategically Located “Windows” to Reduce Resistance and Accommodate Heavier Loads
  • Health-Focused Alternative to Enjoying Time on the Water
  • Lightweight, Compact Design with a Heavy Duty Pedal Drive System and a Central Helm Make Steering and Maneuvering a Breeze
  • Environmentally Friendly Way to be on the Water Without On-Going Fuel Costs
  • The Perfect Choice for Smaller Lakes or Lakes that Ban Internal Combustion Engines; but also a Viable Option for Use on Most Waterways and Lakes

Optional SOLAR Package

  • Clean and Free Renewable Energy for the Life of the Boat
  • Provides 1-3 Hours of Electric Operation Per Day from the Sun
  • No Cords To Plug-In and No Need To Have Electricity at the Dock
  • System is Charging the Batteries While at Dock and as You are Out Enjoying the Boat
  • 190 Watt High Efficiency Crystalline Solar Panel Providing a 51⁄2 Amp Max Charge Rate
  • Can Charge All Types of Lead Acid and the New Apex Lithium Batteries


614 616
Pontoon Length 14″ 16″
Deck Size 6′ x 10′ x 8″ 6′ x 12′ x 8”
Overall Length 16′ 4″ 18″
Length Inside Rails 9′ 3″ 10′ 9″
Overall Width 72″ 72″
Pontoon Diameter 19″ 19″
Maximum Weight Capacity 1,000 lbs. 1,200 lbs.
Maximum Person Capacity 6 people
1,000 lbs.
8 people
1,200 lbs.
Approx. Dry Weight 750 lbs. 875 lbs.
Battery Runtime 2-4 hrs
Optional Solar System Daily Runtime Average Sun Adds 1-2 hrs run time
Full Sun Adds 2-3 hrs run time

Optional Electric Package

  • 24 Volt Electric Drive Package and Selector Clutch Allows You to Use Foot Pedals or Electric Power. Package Includes Navigation Lights, Charger and Horn